SAFphire Programmable Linear Controller is a DSP based controller designed for closed-loop drive control applications. SAFphire replaces the hardwired analog circuit cards used in traditional control systems. Its high-speed digital, signal processor can run an entire control program in mere milliseconds, providing considerable performance improvement over other forms of hardwired circuit card replacements while allowing the flexibility of software and expandability of control configurations.

SAFphire is programmed using user-friendly Windows-based software and offers extensive online real-time monitoring capabilities.


SAFphire Features
  • High-speed digital signal processing to implement 4-5 drives in approximately 2 milliseconds (typical)
  • High-performance servo-like tension and position control
  • Wide range of industrial communication drivers with new ones available over telephone lines for download. This is of interest where unknown future links become plant standard
  • Real-time graphical "Control Block Concept" Windows-based programming language - easy-to-understand and work with
  • Over 120 user-friendly, pre-tested control blocks to select from and use as many times as required
  • Drive-oriented macro blocks for sophisticated other user features
  • On-screen context-sensitive help on hardware and software with point-and-click for block help
  • Simulation of load, drive, and motor to pretest best response gains
  • Adaptive gains for improved performance
  • Modem support for remote program changes and troubleshooting


  • Simplifies PLC programs by removing complex functions, leaving east-to-modify PLC programs for maintenance staff
  • Offers flexibility of connectivity and compatibility to all major brand PLCs, Drives, and HMIs
  • Simple communications by rack ISA bus for indutrial communiocation cards. Repeatability of settings
  • Self-documenting with documentation and program the same to ensure that no errors are made in converison and reduces labour
  • Drive-oriented macro blocks for sophisticated often used features
  • Grammatical error checking with quick jump to errors. Names of blocks and parameters are totally flexible to simplify system documentation
  • Text files can be attached to control design to help in commissioning and maintenance
  • On-screen context-sensitive help on hardware and software with point-and-click for block help
  • Self-tuning of speed and position loops
  • Annunciation features: Graphical control linked by computer to allow powerful troubleshooting tools:
      - Point at block and read out input and output values
      - Move through a drawing and see active values
      - List many parameters on a page and see parameter value chnages
      - Tune parameters actively
      - Software oscilloscope to view any parameter on computer screen
      - Software chart recorder with event trip